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Restaurant PR Account Manager



Imagine a world where stories dance on the tongue of the media and culinary tales capture the imagination. A team of 25 on the hunt for an Account Manager to join their flavourful journey. The agency represents establishments like Dishoom, Bibi and Megans. They work with restaurants and chefs, hotels and bars, food and drink products, cookbooks and festivals.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Craft and execute PR strategies that are as nuanced as a perfectly aged cheese

  • Foster and nurture client relationships, understanding their flavours and needs like a seasoned sommelier

  • Lead a team of PR wizards, guiding them to culinary heights with your expertise

  • Collaborate with media mavens, cooking up media coverage that’s as satisfying as a five-course feast

  • Monitor the PR stew, keeping an eye on metrics and adjusting the seasoning when needed

  • Contribute to new business pitches

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