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Our Services


Your Story is renowned for providing exceptional service to global powerhouses, founder-led boutique agencies, and in-house communications teams across the UK and USA. By fostering strong and lasting relationships with our partners, Your Story can help enhance businesses by tapping into a diverse network of international talent to help you build your dream team.


Focusing on both your satisfaction and the satisfaction of our candidates, we are able to place the right people in the right positions. Our personal, bespoke strategy speaks for itself, contributing to dozens of successful, engaged hires that make a real business impact.

Our Services Include:

Executive Headhunting

Contingent Recruitment

Retained Recruitment

Permanent & Freelance Recruitment

Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Advisory

International Sponsorship Advice & Cost Reduction

Job Specification Analysis

Internal Recruitment Process Organisation

Staff Retention Advisory

Candidate Attraction Strategy

Employer Branding Advice

Employer Reputation Market Research



Great opportunities present themselves at unexpected times, and we are here to help you become the protagonist of your own PR story.


At Your Story, we’re all about people. And not just placing as many candidates in roles as we can, but really getting to know the people we work with and helping them find their next challenge.  We’re about helping you to realise your dreams as you home in on your goals and aspirations and start your journey writing your own career narrative.


We’ll be there for you every step of the way. We provide expert CV guidance, interview advice grounded in years of industry experience, and we’ll give you honest, constructive feedback along the way to help you improve at every juncture.


We understand how important the next step in your career is, so we’ll help you push your boundaries and expand your vision as you recognise your potential and we approach the fantastic opportunities available to you, together.

Our Services Include:

Access to Exclusive, Unadvertised Roles

Interview Preparation

Personal Support

Careers Advice

CV Enhancement

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