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Gaming PR industry-still booming!

With a stagnant global economy, and a lot of businesses in a lot of sectors having to look long and hard at their MOs, it’s hard to know what counts as a safe haven for a PR looking to specialise. So the gaming sector is an interesting draw, as despite a recent downward revision to growth forecasts, it’s still a pretty bullish space.

New consoles, new games, and many new reasons for people to stay-at-home, means gaming remains a sector that will continue to grow and thrive - even in these tricky times. Games are considered a worthy investment, even when they’re stretching to £60/game, given their duration and how much there is to enjoy in disappearing off into a different world.

Factor in new technology like VR, web3 and the metaverse and 2023 may prove to be an inflection year, where the indie games developers and the AAA games makers create the next big thing, the next Call of Duty, FIFA or Fortnite.

Innovation thrives when things get tough, usually by necessity. And anyone looking to go into gaming or represent gaming brands will find a burgeoning space full of new ideas that need defining and defining well.

VR has struggled partly because the benefits weren’t explained with care. The metaverse is still something very few understand. PRs who are excited to communicate tough concepts well, will find themselves in demand in this brave new world of games.

If you’re looking to work in gaming PR, drop me a note and we can discuss the roles I have available.


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